Digit mechanical number pad and calculator

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Lofree has created a new mechanical wireless number pad and calculator in the form of the Digit which has been inspired by retro design and is equipped with mechanical keys. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about its inspiration and functionality.

Pledges are available from $39 for super early bird backers and worldwide shipping is expected to start in a couple of months time during April 2019. “We at Lofree, love to bring back old school products with a technical upgrade and a twist of our unique personal design style. We noticed on our desk a number pad. Unappealing and boring. That’s when we decided to experiment with it and just have fun. The Digit number pad is a retro-themed wireless mechanical number pad, which for sure will make you fall in love with numbers. So go ahead and spice up your workspace. “

“Yes, the Digit number pad is a calculator also. Solve your math problems with its stand alone mode and forget your phone. We promote less distraction and more productivity. You can also directly transfer the results to your computer, iPad or phone. With standard number row, there is plenty of scope of errors as it requires the fingers to travel a lot slowing down your productivity. The digit number pad is not only made to look good but also to increase productivity by bringing a great tactile response, sturdy mechanical keys making number inputs fun and spontaneous. “

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