Give Yourself The Gift Of Calm During a Busy Day For Less Than $40

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How much would you pay for peace of mind? In today’s fast-paced world, we all could use some help decompressing and de-stressing. MindFi Mindfulness is an app dedicated to bringing more mindfulness into your everyday life. And though a lifetime subscription typically costs $365, that access is currently available for 89% at just $39.

How can an app make you more zen? MindFi was created by top meditation teachers and neuroscientists and intended to help you not only stay mindful, but boost your focus in other areas of your life as well.

There are four different mindfulness modes available, based on the local time of day. Take a quick break anytime with a silent breathing session, or if you’re having a particularly tough day MindFi will help you practice a short, relevant meditation. There’s a Pomodoro timer included that can help you knock out your to-do list, or if it’s time to wind down for the day you can take advantage of the 10 minutes of closed-eye meditation.

Give yourself the gift of calm today and get a lifetime subscription to MindFi Mindfulness for just $39 here.

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