Apollo Traveller USB-C slim battery pack

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A new powerful slimline USB-C battery pack has been created in the form of the aptly named Apollo Traveller which is equipped with advanced graphene-enhanced USB-C and A fast charging technology. Providing impressive recharging speed of just 18 minutes say its creators. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the pocket -sized battery pack.

Launched via Kickstarter the battery pack is now available from $59 or roughly £46 for super early bird backers with worldwide shipping expected to take place during April 2019.

“Can you imagine life without your phone? Low battery phobia has been a way of life now. This is how power banks came into the picture. But it takes forever to recharge and carrying them around feels like a pain. Forgetting to charge your power bank and phone at home is also another worry that might add to your stress. “

“Enjoy 13x faster recharge as compared to standard power banks in the market. The unique support of 60W input and 45W output facilitates a quick recharge and charge for your devices and makes it perfectly compatible with Android phone, iPhone and even MacBook. Apollo traveller’s ultra-fast charging output can charge iPhone X to 50% of power in only 30 minutes.“

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